Sumire Homestay program has started (School Edition)

In the previous installment, we discussed the story of a male exchange student who came from Australia.

Now, let’s continue.

During Sumire Homestay program in Japan,
He was able to attend classes at a Japanese high school!

Since He joined the international class,
Japanese high school students eager to study English welcomed him warmly.

According to him,
He was “extremely popular!!” (^^)

Interacting with students of the same age
seemed to provide him with valuable experiences.

During class, they divided into teams and had English quizzes,
and, of course, his team emerged victorious!!
The classroom was reportedly filled with excitement.

Making many friends became the catalyst,
and currently, He seems to be seriously studying Japanese.

We hope that on him next visit to Japan,
He will be able to communicate freely without any language barriers.

To be continued in the next installment.

The Japanese translated version of this article is posted on the blog of Sumire Study Abroad’s website. If you’re interested, please check it out there as well.

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