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Hello everyone!

Have you had a chance to read the study abroad report from Sumire Homestay in Japan that I’ve shared over three occasions?

Great supporting from Sumire staff in Japan
Arrangements with reliable host families
interactions with local high school students
The first Japan study abroad experience has been a great success!

The most effective way to acquire language skills is undoubtedly to immerse oneself in the language by spending time with native speakers, engaging in conversations, and sharing various emotions such as happiness, enjoyment, distress, and nervousness. This allows for a quicker acquisition of the local language.

Despite being an Australian boy with no prior knowledge of Japanese, this study abroad student was able to quickly adapt to life in Japan because he had a peer of the same age in his host family, with whom he constantly interacted.

Perhaps you are living abroad and want to send your child to Japan alone, but your family members in Japan are elderly and you are worried about their stay there. Or maybe you want your child to stay in Japan for an extended period, but due to your job, you cannot accompany them.

There are many parents around the world who may have such concerns.

Sumire Homestay in Japan can arrange accommodations and local schools for your child’s stay, with staff available for consultations and support both before and during their study abroad experience, ensuring peace of mind.

Sumire Homestay in Japan welcomes participants from all over the world, not limited to Australia. We are also receiving inquiries from New Zealand and Canada. Recently, we have finalized arrangements to support a high school student from Canada for her study abroad in Japan! She will stay in Fukuoka for 4 weeks with a homestay. We are experiencing an increase in inquiries from outside Australia and are making thorough arrangements to provide support!

Feel free to contact us for any inquiries about studying abroad in Japan.

Here is the Sumire Homestay in Japan contact page!
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Thank you for reading until the end.

Sumire Ryugaku HP(Japanese)

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